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Working with those who are dedicated to improving the content of what we learn
and the methods of how we learn makes for a remarkable and rewarding profession.
We are fully aware that the success we have in our work at Burrston House begins with and depends on the talent, knowledge and generosity of authors.

Nickels, McHugh: Understanding Business

"Serving as the developmental editors as they have so skillfully done since the fourth edition, Glenn Turner and Meg Turner of Burrston House continued to shepherd all aspects of the project. Their persistence in gathering market research and their diligence in keeping us focused on priorities were indispensable in assuring that the text and package is responsive to market needs. They again conducted the focus groups and managed the text reviews that have proven so helpful in revising the text and the supplements.

Burrston House also conducted and managed a comprehensive photo search that included commissioning over 40 custom-made photos to illustrate key points. Rosemary Hedger and Cherie Anderer of Burrston House carried out the extensive research for photos that was necessary to effectively reflect the concepts presented in the text."
William G. Nickels, James M. McHugh, Susan M. McHugh, Understanding Business

Ciccerelli: Psychology"Glenn and Meg Turner of Burrston House were a key part of the success of Psychology, both 1e and 2e. The tremendous support they offered to me and to Prentice Hall in the form of focus groups (both instructor and student), expert reviewers, revision workshops, and surveys was invaluable in helping me to write a text that would be exactly what it needed to be. The first edition had so much input from faculty and expert reviewers that it really was more like a third edition, thanks to Meg and Glenn and their tireless efforts. The revision of the second edition went so much more smoothly because of their extremely helpful synthesis of the reviews and survey data. I can't thank them enough, nor recommend them enough to anyone who is involved in writing/revising textbooks. Thanks, Meg and Glenn!"
Saundra K. Ciccarelli, Psychology

Carter, Bishop and Kravits: Keys to Success

"Pearson enlisted the involvement of Glenn and Meg Turner of Burrston House in our revision process. The Burrston House instructor and student focus groups, as well as instructor contacts who responded to extensive surveys, brought to us an extraordinary wealth of information about our materials and about what students and instructors need today. Glenn and Meg synthesized this information and presented insightful views that greatly informed the revision process."
Carol Carter, Joyce Bishop, Sarah Lyman Kravits, Keys to Success

"We also contracted the textbook development firm of Burrston House for a wide-ranging research and marketing project. Burrston House organized focus groups in eight U.S. cities in 1999 and 2000, most of them composed of instructors using A&P textbooks other than my own, and one consisting of students from eight colleges. Participants reviewed the first edition in comparison to the books they were using and then met with Burrston House and me for several hours to discuss ideas for improving the second edition. This input was an important element in my second round of manuscript and art revisions.

Saladin: Anatomy and Physiology

Finally, Burrston House commissioned 50 of these instructors to review the entire second-edition manuscript during its development and 12 of them as an art panel to specifically critique the revised illustrations. These reviewers generated more than 2,000 pages of additional commentary that became the dominant influence in the final revision. Considering the two editions collectively, this book now embodies the collective knowledge, insights, and high teaching standards of more than 400 A&P instructors. Their influence is seen in everything from the size, color and labeling of the illustrations to the accuracy and currency of the book's anatomical descriptions and physiological explanations.

It's one thing to produce a good book and quite another to get the world to sit up and take notice. I have already mentioned the enormous undertaking by the esteemed textbook consulting firm of Burrston House to research the needs of A&P instructors and students, collect the feedback that became the basis for my final-draft manuscript, and increase the book's visibility among my colleagues. A toast to Glenn and Meg Turner, especially, for enthusiastically investing so much of themselves in the success of this edition."
Kenneth S. Saladin, Anatomy & Physiology


"Brad Rivenburgh, Glenn and Meg Turner of Burrston House, you came to this project just when we were in great need of your extensive publishing experience and vast fund of research knowledge. You knew what the market demanded, and you provided explicit directions for supplying it. Thank you for selecting an exceptional panel of reviewers, and distilling their feedback into practical suggestions for us to consider. The focus groups you have organized have been an invaluable tool for fine-tuning our efforts."
Deborah Licht, Misty Hull, Coco Ballantyne, Scientific American Psychology

Henry: Writing for Life

"Working with Meg and Glenn ranks high in my esteem of professional development and marketing experiences. They enabled me to better understand the various teaching and learning contexts served by Writing for Life. Meg and Glenn are gifted in their ability to create, guide, and interpret a dialogue in a professional atmosphere that emanates respect and goodwill for all parties involved. The resulting collaboration experienced among the participating faculty, Burrston House, and me the author continues to inspire me and inform my work Writing for Life. I would count working with them on future projects as a blessing. "
D. J. Henry, Writing for Life

Tro: Chemistry

"A special word of thanks is owed to Glenn and Meg Turner of Burrston House, ideal collaborators whose contributions to this project were extremely important and much appreciated."
Nivaldo J. Tro, Chemistry: A Molecular Approach

"The eighth edition has benefited from the most detailed review process in the book's history. It's probably the most extensive review process any introductory anthropology text has ever undergone. To plan and develop this new edition, the review process was entrusted to Burrston House, an experienced textbook development group that works exclusively with McGraw-Hill. Glenn and Meg Turner and their Burrston House colleagues arranged reviews of the seventh edition, and of the eight as it was being written, by more than 50 introductory anthropology teachers. As reviewers, Burrston House sought out both users and nonusers of previous editions. Some 25 anthropologists commented on the entire seventh edition, while others read chapters based on their particular interests. It was clear from the reviews that instructors appreciate the fact that no single or monolithic theoretical perspective orients this book. In fact, instructors with a wide range of views and approaches said they could easily use it effectively.

Kottak: Anthropology

Burrston House wasn't content to talk just to the instructors of anthropology. Professors, of course, choose which book to adopt, but students are that book's ultimate audience. To obtain student feedback, Burrston House organized a student focus group, which Leslie Kraham, marketing manager from McGraw-Hill, also attended. The students came from a variety of colleges and universities in the Philadelphia area. They had just completed an introductory anthropology course and had used several textbooks, including my own.

Previous comments have made clear how indebted I am to my colleagues at Burrston House. Their suggestions, based on their work developing dozens of other textbooks, are apparent throughout the new edition. Working with the reviews and from his general knowledge of pedagogy, Glenn Turner suggested several changes to make this book a more effective teaching tool."
Conrad Phillip Kottak, Anthropology

Santrock: Life-Span Development

"Burrston House has very successfully developed textbooks for more than a decade and put their skills to work on the eighth edition of Life-Span Development. They conduct focus groups as well as extensive reviews of a book by having an unusually large number of instructors who teach the course provide extremely detailed reviews of every chapter. Essentially, they seek to discover what instructors want in a book for their course, so the author can revise the book accordingly. They then subject the manuscript to another extensive and exhaustive set of reviews in order to test the author's changes and to produce a foundation for further refinement in a final draft. A unique aspect of the Burrston House approach is that after reviewing an individual chapter, instructors grade the chapter from A to F in terms of how effectively the chapter meets their needs. I also benefited enormously from Glenn Turner's extensive, detailed analysis and recommendations."
John W. Santrock, Life-Span Development

Williams, Sawyer & Hutchinson:  Information Technology

"Outside of Irwin we were ably assisted by a community of first-rate publishing professionals. We consider it our great good fortune that we got to work with the editorial development company of Burrston House, Ltd., and former Irwin executive Glenn Turner, backed by the efforts of Meg Turner, Cathy Crow and Victoria Gregor. This is truly one of the finest development operations we have ever seen, and we were thrilled with their work."
Brian K. Williams, Stacey C. Sawyer, Sarah E. Hutchinson, Using Information Technology

Kinicki & Williams: Management

"We also benefited from the extensive developmental effort of the talented Glenn Turner and his colleagues at Burrston House. His work resulted in the most extensively developed principles of management text."
Angelo Kinicki, Brian K. Williams, Management

Spiceland, Sepe & Tomassini: Intermediate Accounting

"Thank you to Glenn and Meg Turner, Karen Nein, and the Burrston House team for all of your hard work and the wealth of market feedback you gathered for us to use as a guide while writing this edition."
David Spiceland, Jim Sepe, Larry Tomassini, Intermediate Accounting

Libby & Short: Anatomy and Physiology

"We would especially like to thank…Glenn Turner and the staff at Burrston House, for outstanding marketing research support and feedback."
Robert Libby, Patricia A. Libby, Daniel G. Short, Financial Accounting

Bluman: Elementary Statistics

"A special thanks goes to Glenn Turner and the staff of Burrston House for their input and direction in helping target the content to the needs of our students."
Allan G. Bluman, Elementary Statistics

"The Burrston House team, led by Glenn and Meg Turner, provided as much feedback and good advice as any author could wish for. Their work, and constant push for quality, provided the impetus for the major changes that characterize this edition. I thank them for their extraordinary work."
Robert S. Feldman, Understanding Psychology

Heining-Boynton & Cowell: Anda!

"We are also very grateful to Glenn and Meg Turner of Burrston House for the special care and attention they gave our project during the development stage."
Audrey Heining-Boynton, Glynis Cowell, ˇAnda!

Feldman: P.O.W.E.R. Learning

"Burrston House, personified by Glenn and Meg Turner, provided editorial and marketing advice at an extraordinary level. I thank them for their good ideas, creativity, constant prodding, and careful calculation of grade point averages."
Robert S. Feldman, P.O.W.E.R. Learning

"Many people have contributed to this edition, but we are especially grateful to Glenn and Meg Turner of Burrston House for their assistance in developing this textbook."
Laurence D. Hoffmann, Gerald L. Bradley, Calculus

"…we are grateful to the talented staff at Burrston House...
Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers, Alan J. Marcus, Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

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