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First and foremost we believe successful partnerships with our clients depend on the formation of a strong project team that takes full account and advantage of each member's input and perspective. As part of this team Burrston House is dedicated to assisting its clients in achieving the following:

  • Project performance goals.
  • Creating enduring brands that dominate their competition.
  • Market responsive products/services. We believe that comprehensive input from faculty and students is an essential component in generating needs-based learning solutions, and this perspective has been and remains a guiding principle of our approach.
  • Pedagogically innovative products/services that result in a superior teaching and learning experience for instructors and students.
  • Products/services (print and digital) that are clearly differentiated and with competitively sustainable advantages.
  • Generating precisely targeted feedback and analysis that facilitates informed and confident decision making at every juncture by authors and/or management.
  • Building long-term relationships and communities for each project.

We also believe that each project is unique and thus requires flexibility, creative thinking (team-based) and in-depth market understanding in devising a strategy to maximize its potential.

The extraordinary track record we have achieved clearly substantiates our belief in and strict adherence to each of the above principles. However, many companies articulate similar beliefs and practices. Ultimately, the degree of success achieved comes down to the methodologies available, the tools utilized and how creatively and effectively these principles and resources are applied and executed. This is why we list achievement of "project performance goals" first. Many consultants supply research, marketing and editorial services, but none functioning in our industry can match our results.

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