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In what media forms do you work?

We work with editors, authors, marketers, third-party vendors, etc., to conceptualize and develop content for delivery in all current forms of educational media. We also design and compose promotional, sales, and training materials in multiple media.

Does the size and scope of a project determine our interest?

In simplest terms, no. We have partnered with publishers on projects at all levels and our involvement has ranged from project acquisition to post-publication performance analysis. Our methodology is scaled and applied based on the size and characteristics of the market project potential and medium.

Does your strategy and approach differ when developing
a hybrid or fully digital project (vs. print)?

Yes and no. the formats and manner in which these emerging products will be used require some different tools and level of emphasis, but the application methodology is essentially the same. Much of our current research is focused heavily in this area.

Do you develop supplements/ancillaries?

Yes. We can partner in the creation and development of the "rest of the project/product" in any form of media. Our role has ranged from authorship to publication. Current research reveals that supplements, especially those pertaining to course management and assessment, represent a greater percentage of the adoption decision than ever before. This enhanced importance (and dependence) for instructors suggests the need for higher utility and quality control. We can and do deliver both.

Who will I work or interact with at Burrston House?

We always work as a team with our clients and within our company as well. All projects are handled through and managed by either Glenn or Meg Turner - there are no handoffs to individuals you do not know or trust. We believe this personal management of each project by the company's founders is a key asset to our clients and significantly contributes to what makes us different. All projects are important, regardless of size, and each receives the company's full commitment to its success.

Does Burrston House work directly with authors?

Yes. In addition to the author relationships that result from associations with our publishing clients, Burrston House provides a wide range of consulting services to both aspiring and existing authors.

When is the best time or point to engage Burrston House in a project?

We can join a project and make a significant contribution at any stage of its development or promotion. Historically, a high percentage of our project assignments have occurred once they are underway. However, we believe the optimal time to engage us is at the outset, the point at which our experience and strategic contributions can be maximized.

What are the costs of your services?

For proprietary reasons we do not publish our fees, but we do provide the option of hourly rates or a per project cost. Please contact us to discuss.

Is there a charge for proposals?

No. We will submit a formal project proposal and strategy free of charge.

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